Almost a year ago we started working on PodPub, a publishing and hosting platform for podcasters that makes publishing a podcast, growing your audience and generating revenue from your podcast easier. During that time we’ve spent a lot of time considering how to build the platform so that it serves our customer’s varying needs, is scalable, and takes advantage of modern technologies and cloud computing.

We ultimately decided to build elements of our platform using WordPress, the most popular content management system and blogging platform on the Internet today. That decision came out of countless conversations weighing the pros and cons of baking WordPress into a SaaS solution. We are still building and iterating on the platform we settled on, but we are still extending WordPress daily and finding new ways to deploy the SaaS-only parts of our solution. We felt that we would continue to learn and in the process help others by sharing our continuing journey through a podcast dedicated to building a SaaS solution that is built on or extends WordPress in some way. Welcome to the WP to SaaS podcast!

We are excited about the future episodes we have planned (including the SaaS-related puns we can work into our titles). We’ll be submitting our feed to iTunes, Google Play and the like shortly, once we post a couple more episodes.

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Paul & Andy